Message from the Administrator

Welcome to Food Industry Self Insurance Fund (FISIF) website. I hope you like the new look as well as the updates and new features we have added to make your visit here easier and more enjoyable.

We are now in our 30th year of serving members of the New Mexico Restaurant Association and the New Mexico Grocer’s Association.  These associations joined together to create their own workers’ compensation self-insurance fund in 1989, when a few restaurant and grocery store owners put their businesses and, quite frankly, their livelihoods on the line.  The goal was to combat rapidly rising insurance rates by creating a member-owned organization so that like-minded businesses could come together and insure themselves.

FISIF is now the most successful program of its kind in the state of New Mexico. Each day FISIF is providing workers’ compensation coverage for over 450 businesses with over 1,200 locations state-wide.  Each day of the week FISIF is providing workers’ compensation coverage for approximately 35,000 New Mexicans.  In every county, in every corner of our state, you’ll find businesses who chose to own their workers’ compensation program by selecting coverage with FISIF.

If you are already a FISIF member, I would like to thank you for entrusting us to provide you with the best services and rates in the industry. If you are not yet a FISIF member but would like to find out more about us you should contact your agent, or you can contact us directly and ask to speak with someone in our Member Services department.

Tana Lucero-Ranke